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There are so many amazing resources out there! Pretty soon I will have many of them listed right here. I am adding a little at a time.

Home Birth Midwives

There are WAY TOO MANY amazing options to list. This is a good thing! I am happy to help narrow down your search if you let me know what kind of traits you hope to find. Please note that we have NDs that are also CPMs, CNMs, and CPMs all attending home births in our area. They do have different scopes of practice. I have been blessed with working alongside many of them.


Birth Centers

The Birth Haven




Hospital Birth Providers

MomDoc Midwives

Valley Women for Women

Dr. Brass

Dr. Leonard

Dr. Medchill



Trine Bradshaw

Tatiana Daughtrey

Michelle Hottya

Arizona Breastfeeding Center



Dr. Jenny



Amy Hatch



Sunny Hyatt