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The Babies We Don’t Talk About, but Should.

Trigger warning: Miscarriage and infant loss with images at the end of the post. Working as a doula has brought me so many colorful experiences that I cannot begin to even categorize them all. One thing that is very true about my job is that it is amazingly complex and very rewarding. It is not […]

The Tale of the Placenta Procurement under the COVID19 Umbrella

Ok. I will admit that this actually not even close to the most bizarre placenta story I could tell, but it is still worth a read.  Backstory. Sometimes families hire me just to process their placentas. In those cases, I talk with them for a bit when they inquire, then typically do not hear from […]

How mainstream life makes parenting harder

A friend’s post on facebook prompted this ramble. She asked what help could be given to parents of young children to make life easier. Well, that’s a paraphrase but it gets to the meat of what I want to discuss. One glaring, painful problem in America is lack of TIME OFF. The United States is […]

Breast is Best? Fed is Best?

I have seen many posts lately passionately laying out why breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby and also how this mentality killed a baby and nearly starved more. So who is right? Should we be on this unapologetic crusade to increase breastfeeding numbers and stick it to the formula companies? Should we […]